Art as Practice

How art is made, what an artwork is, and how artists act changed radically with the advent of conceptual art in the 1960s. The artist’s interest moved away from the idea of a traditional artwork as a finished object imbued with certain aesthetic qualities towards the idea behind the artwork. The concept outweighed the form the object produced might have, and any means available, even the most modest of them, were seen as appropriate to realize it. Rather than being object-based, art making became process-based. As the working activities artists practiced took primacy over the objects, art itself came to be understood as a practice. Thus, various related events and developments in Yugoslavian art from 1966 to 1978 were termed New Art Practice. As they became engaged in the practice, artists came to question the social reasons and conditions related to their work, the reasons behind the creation of their artworks, the distribution channels and the art system as a whole. And, well beyond all that, they critically investigated the cultural, political and economic conditions of society. To this end they developed new modes of expression, and new media entered the art field – performance, photography, video, installations, actions and interventions in urban space. Continuing with this line into the present day, yet duly transformed according to changed social, political, cultural, economic and technological conditions, artists whose work is actively engaged with the social sphere developed a new set of artistic practices, integrating in them all the new media available to them and expanding the art field to include other disciplines and often acting as catalysts for positive social change. Four artists and four artworks before you demonstrate these practices in different times and places.

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