Commited art

The term “committed art” presupposes artworks that are decidedly socially charged, which is often expressed in more radical forms of immediate political action (political declarations, manifestos). The term refers to J. P. Sartre’s definition of “committed literature”: “Literature reveals to its readers their own situation, so they could assume responsibility for it.”

When using the term “committed art”, we must be aware that artistic creativity (like philosophy) derives also from a critical practice, which exposes and explores the negative aspects of a social milieu or social reality, reveals the covert mechanisms of a system’s operation or indicates possible alternative models. In this context, artistic practices intervene directly into a social context and often presume interaction with the public. Committed practices are situated within the framework of modernist and contemporary art, which is constantly interrogating its own foundations, its mission, and which reflects the broader political reality of the artist’s position within it.

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