Studios are special places for artists. There artists can think about how they might realize their ideas. For many artists this place is so very important that they even represent it in theirs artworks.

Here you can see photos of different contemporary artists and their studios.

Bogdan Borčić (1926 – 2014)

is one of the most important Slovenian modernist artists. Although he almost entirely abandoned concrete motifs in his art, some of the objects and spaces from his environment still pop up in his art. The studio is one of them. He was inspired by his own studio and also by the studios of other artists he knew. 

This is a photo of Bogdan Borčić’s studio. Compare it with the artist’s representation of the studio in his artwork.

Peter Hergold (1966)


was creating a landart project in nature. In this period of his life and artistic creation the great outdoors was his studio. The Slovenian photographer Tihomir Pinter worked for many years on a project about artists in theirs studios, and he photographed this artist out in the open space of nature. Peter Hergold exhibited his works from his nature studio in KGLU in 1997 as part of the Interim exhibition. These artworks only existed for a very short time, then they disappeared, and only photo documentation provides any evidence of them.

Many artists today create outside: in nature, in the street... But in the end most of them complete their works in a studio. 

Andrej Grošelj (1947. – 2011.)

Sculptor Andrej Grošelj (1947. – 2011.) created statues made out of wood. His studio looks like a forest made by an artist.

You can visit Grošelj’s studio in situ – it is open for public visits in its original location, in Ravne na Koroškem. 

Ivan Kožarić (1921)

The artist Ivan Kožarić (1921) described his studio as a laboratory for revival. His studio is not only a place where he creates new artworks ready to be exhibited, but also a living space where he continuously comes back to look at the objects he has already created – to change them, to perfect them, to combine them into new artworks, or to throw them away if he doesn’t like them any more.

Today he is the same at MSU, where his entire studio was moved, after being situated in another building in Zagreb for more than 40 years. Now the entire world of Kožarić’s studio, including all of the things the artist had inside – his tools, materials, his personal belongings – is a part of the museum collection, and all museum visitors can enter the artist’s studio, feel the atmosphere, imagine how the artist works inside, and see how his ideas change as the artist keeps on visiting and using his studio-laboratory. 






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