museum collection


An art museum collection is a group of artworks that are collected and kept, conserved and shown at the museum so they can be preserved and be made available to everyone.


There are different types of museums related to different types of collections: natural history museum, music museum, modern art museum, etc. 

Film and Video Collection at Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Not all of the images at the Museum of Contemporary Art are still – some move!

As time progressed, artists followed the technological developments of the day and soon film, and later tape became part of the materials they used to make art – and their artworks became moving pictures. Today, they even use mobile phones to make their films!

As a result, the museum shows films and videos on TVs, monitors and screens. Going through the museum you’ll find paintings, photographs and sculptures; and every now and then you will discover a small cinema!

Collection of film, video and photography at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina

The collection contains many important works of art that were created by artists using cameras to photograph and record objects, people, events and stories, both real and imaginary. When visiting the museum children and adults can watch the movies and look at the photographs on display in the many spaces there, and learn something new and interesting from the world of art.

Collection “The archive and the history”

The Archive of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies constitutes the memory of the museum. Using documents from and of the past we can follow the history of past exhibitions. Photographs, exhibition drawings, programs, catalogues, newspaper articles, etc., all represent traces of the past.

“Discovering Art” is an educational portal where you can discover interesting facts about art and museums of art.

The online portal Discovering Art is the collaborative effort of four institutions:

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Fundació Antoni Tàpies from Barcelona, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška from Slovenj Gradec.

The portal is part of the European project Performing the Museum.