art museum


An art museum is a place where artworks are stored, researched, preserved, conserved and exhibited so that everyone can see them. An art museum houses a collection of artworks. It is a place you visit to see the artworks, where you discover, explore and learn about the world as seen through the artists’ eyes, but where you also play and have fun.


Did you know that in some languages the word gallery is used for an art museum? There are some historical reasons for that – which is why the word gallery in those languages signifies art museum today.

The word gallery – “galerija” in the Slovene language ­­­– ­has more meanings. It can mean:

- an art  museum as an institution, in which artworks are stored, researched and exhibited

- an exhibition room or building with a collection of artworks

- a big crowd of people

- the highest balcony, usually in a theatre

- a hall in big buildings, which is open on one side  

Carsten Höller’s Double Slide in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb

Carsten Höller, a scientist who became an artist, believes that slides – which you usually find in playgrounds – are exciting means of transportation. He created a huge sculpture – a double slide that you can see at MSU, but one that you can enter as well and travel between different floors of the museum. This gigantic slide – a sculpture you can see, touch and feel with your entire body and use as a real slide.

When you visit Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, take a ride!

Museums of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Barcelona, Novi Sad and Slovenj Gradec

“Discovering Art” is an educational portal where you can discover interesting facts about art and museums of art.

The online portal Discovering Art is the collaborative effort of four institutions:

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Fundació Antoni Tàpies from Barcelona, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška from Slovenj Gradec.

The portal is part of the European project Performing the Museum.