museum storage room


A museum storage room is a space in a museum where artworks are stored when they are not being exhibited. This is a kind of secret part of the museum, where the artworks rest but hide from the public as well. It’s like an attic filled with treasures, but where everything is in order, so that the curators’ treasure hunt is faster and easier.

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Art museums have art collections. Only a small part of these collections is on display at any one time, while of the other artworks are safely stored in museum storage rooms.

These storage rooms differ from ordinary storage rooms or warehouses because artworks must be stored in special conditions. Sunlight is harmful for artworks, so there can’t be any windows or they must be darkened.

We are allowed to turn on the light only when necessary.

The temperature must be kept constant and the humidity level too must stay the same.

Paintings are stored on special metal nets; works on paper must be preserved in special fire-resistant chests of drawers. A special acid-free paper and cardboard are placed between paper artworks.
The storage room must be kept clean, and we must be careful that harmful insects do not breed in there. Therefore we must constantly control the conditions in the storage room.

The storage room must be also protected with a fire alarm. 

Museum Storage Rooms in Different Art Museums

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