An exhibition is when artworks are put on display for visitors. The most common exhibition spaces are galleries, museums, cultural centres and similar. However, exhibitions can also be set up outdoors: in gardens, in streets and they can be set up on-line as well .

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There are very different types of art exhibitions going on today. You can have a look at some examples of very unusual ones. 

An exhibition Little Planet Earth

was organized by MSU in 1997, on the occasion of Planet Earth Day.

For the occasion, the artists created little artworks, not larger than 7 x 7 x 7 cm, using a wide variety of materials and techniques. These little objects, sculptures, photographs, video-installations, paintings were exhibited on the balcony of the Zagreb Society of Architects. The exhibition lasted seven hours, and after it finished the curator put all the artworks in a suitcase and carried the exhibition to other cities – to Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Ljubljana and Strasbourg. 

Turn the pages of an equally small exhibition catalogue to see the photographs of all the artworks inspired by the Planet Earth that were exhibited on a balcony and that travelled around in a suitcase. 

Little Earth Catalogue

Exhibition Soft-control: Art, Science and the Technological Unconscious

This exhibition took place on more locations – one was KGLU. The artists who participated in the exhibition connected science and technology to create artworks. They explored the secret nature of technology in the modern world. Culture and science were intertwined. The artists used knowledge from the latest scientific discoveries and research to create artworks.

Exhibition Antoni Tàpies. Head arms legs body

Look how the works are hung. They are like a forest of paintings. To walk around them is a sensorial experience. You can stand next to the paintings or behind them. You can feel their weight, their thickness and their materiality.  

International exhibition WonderLab

The exhibition explored art, nature, science and technology. Alongside the exhibition of artworks, there were also lectures, workshops and performances. The event as a whole focused on the connections between various ways of presenting contemporary art in relation to society, and on exploring the significance of the museum today.

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